FEED FEST @ NFT NYC June 20-24

FEED FEST @ NFT NYC June 20-24

TLDR; Visit 20 locations in NYC using the FEED FEST web app. Check-in, complete the assignment, enter into exclusive raffles

As a participant you accept full responsibility and liability for your safety during this experience. Don’t do anything you wouldn’t normally do. Be sure to be respectful to all of the different vendors in the FEED FEST.

  • WHO is able to participate in the FEED FEST? FEED FEST is a location specific experience that requires you to be in NYC between June 20-24 to participate. You will also need to own 1 STAPLEVERSE NFT (FEED CLAN, HOOD SQUAD, POOP GANG, or B.A.G.)
  • WHAT is FEED FEST? FEED FEST is an interactive eating festival for the STAPLEVERSE community. You will need to be in NYC during June 20-24 to participate. FEED FEST is based on the locations linked to the FEED NFTs (
    Explore NYC
    ) we’ve selected 20 special locations within the city that you will need to visit IRL. When you visit the locations you will need to check in by scanning a QR code and then you will be asked to complete an assignment (usually a selfie). Once the assignment is completed and verified you will be entered to win some amazing prizes!

  • WHEN is FEED FEST? FEED FEST will kick off June 20th at 11am EST (Regina’s Grocery) RSVP here. There will be a special tote bag and a free Jeff Staple sandwich for the first 150 people who arrive. From there you are free to organize with other STAPLEVERSE community members or mods/ambassadors to begin your adventure. You have until June 24 at 11:59pm EST to complete all the assignments for each of the locations.

  • Where is FEED FEST? FEED FEST will take place in NYC with 20 locations in total. 19 of the locations are in Manhattan and 1 location is in Brooklyn. You are responsible for travelling to the locations safely with minimal disturbance to the owners and customers of the establishments. You have until June 24th to visit all the locations, so be sure to plan your routes appropriately! You can see the locations on FEED FEST website.
  • How does FEED FEST work? You will NEED a mobile device with internet or wifi access. You will need a STAPLEVERSE NFT in a mobile wallet for verification. If you have your STAPLEVERSE NFT in a Ledger or another cold-storage device you will need to send it to a mobile wallet where you can verify from the app. You will be asked to sign a transaction demonstrating you own a STAPLEVERSE NFT before you begin your adventure! Once verified you are good to start visiting the locations on the map. When you arrive at a location be sure to look out for a QR code sticker or poster that is around the location/store/restaurant. Look at the traffic light poles, walls, parking meters, etc. there will be a visible sticker with a QR code. You will be asked to check in at the location by scanning the QR code. Once you scan the QR code you are prompted to complete an assignment. Since it’s the FEED FEST, majority of the assignments are related to trying out some of the best NYC food recommended by Jeff himself! You will then need to take a selfie with the food item and the image will be verified by one of our team members. Any photos that are blurry or unrelated to the assignment will be rejected and potentially disqualified for that specific location. Repeat the steps above for all 20 locations to gain the most amount of points (pts). The more points you gain the more you level up! The higher the level the more rewards you can collect.

  • What are the prizes/rewards for collecting points (pts)? Anyone who has at least 5 pts will be guaranteed a $50 USD Staple Store gift card. If you have all 50 pts you will be able to enter into a raffle for each reward tier. For each reward tier there are multiple NFTs that will be given out. For instance we will be drawing for 10 different winners for the HOOD SQUAD NFTs prize. Visiting all 20 locations and completing the assignments will guarantee you 60 pts (if all the photos submitted are approved). All NFT prizes will be raffled off from a snapshot time (TBD). If you decide to sell your points on OpenSea before the snapshot you might not be included in the raffles.
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  • How do I know that I have the points for the raffles? All of the points will be minted as ERC 1155 tokens. We will do a final tally and review all the assignment submissions between June 25-27. Points will be airdropped into each of the wallets connected. Once you receive the points you will need to hold on to them for the snapshot. Snapshot date will be some time before July 1st. Token holders at that time will be qualified for the raffles.
  • I was selected as a winner from a raffle, when do I receive it in my wallet? We will be sending out all the NFTs by July 1st. For the gift cards we will be emailing you to confirm your wallet. If you didn’t sign up with an email you will need to manually email hello@stapleverse.xyz (Subject: FEED FEST NFT NYC Winner) with your wallet address so that we can confirm you were indeed holding 5 pts at the snapshot.