What are Sapienz?

SAPIENZ are the newest project from the Stapleverse in partnership with the wonderful artist Rhymezlikedimez. Sapienz are the humans of New York. But not today’s New York. New York of 2097. A future Neue New York where creative entrepreneurs reign supreme. Imagine a reality where the marriage of art and commerce is seamless, where creativity is the currency and collaboration the fuel that powers our collective evolution. This is not merely a vision of the future, but a tangible reality within your grasp with Sapienz. They are a dynamic PFP collection that is much more; a platform for changing the next 100 years+ of street culture.

How do I claim a Sapienz?

Sapienz are a 1:1 free mint + gas for the following token sets:

  1. Feed Clan, Poop Gang, Hood Squad, Mirror NFT (Common, Rare & Legendary), B.A.G., and NRGx (Sidewalk Luxe, Homing Pigeon, Fossil, Rizzoli) tokens are all eligible from the Stapleverse ecosystem
  2. Any RhymezLikeDimez NFT released prior to Monday April 17, 2023 is eligible.

When is the airdrop occurring and what exactly is being airdropped to me?

If you preminted your SAPIENZ between April 19th and May 4th 2023, you will be airdropped a SOULZ (aka unrevealed SAPIENZ) with the eligible token that you preminted/minted with before May 7th 12pm PST.

What is the total supply of Sapienz?

15,000 tokens. 91% are reserved for the tokens listed above in the eligible tokens questions and 9% are for team and marketing purposes (vault, partnerships, community activations, giveaways, etc.).

What is a SOULZ and when REVEAL?

Unrevealed Sapienz are called SOULZ. Reveal of your SAPIENZ will happen before May 13th.

When do I get my SAPIENZ GEAR?

Every SAPIENZ will receive it’s GEAR upon reveal. To check what GEAR you will be receiving watch this video.

When can I equip my GEAR on my Sapienz?

Upon reveal you will be able to use the Sapienz website to equip and unequip any gear that you have in your Sapienz token bound account [see below for what a TBA is]. Equipping is a gasless experience and you’ll see these changes reflected on supported marketplaces instantly (Opensea and not Blur).

When can we pull our Feed, Pigeon, Poop, GEAR, etc out from our SAPIENZ?

Once your SAPIENZ is revealed you will receive all of your GEAR as NFTs inside of the Token Bound Account. You will be able to transfer out any of the assets within the SAPIENZ TBA right away once you deploy/activate your account. Note activating your account requires you to do it manually on Etherscan (this will soon be made easier on the SAPIENZ and TOKENBOUND website).

Where is my STAPLEVERSE/RHYMEZLIKEDIMEZ NFT I preminted/minted with?

The STAPLEVERSE/RHYMEZLIKEDIMEZ NFT is inside your SAPIENZ, meaning if you sell your SAPIENZ, you are also selling the NFTs inside as well so be AWARE!

The NFT image on Opensea (currently not on Blur) will show this inventory bar that shows all the items that are inside of the SAPIENZ’s Token Bound Account.


I sold my SOULZ/SAPIENZ, and I lost all my NFTs inside of it, what do I do now?

WARNING: Your SV/RLD NFTs are owned by your SAPIENZ. If you sell your SAPIENZ without transferring out its NFTs, they will be bundled together in that sale.

How do I interact with the NFTs within my SAPIENZ on BLUR/OPENSEA?

Currently you can only see them in OPENSEA. We’re in conversations with BLUR to show the UI of contained NFTs for your SAPIENZ

What is the vision for the Sapienz platform?

- Incredible PFP art by RhymezLikeDimez, The SV Team and Jeff Staple. - Constantly changeable GEAR - Outfits, Clothing & Items so you can truly express yourself. - Changing your outfit is always gas free and nearly instantaneously on-chain. - Calling upon Jeff Staple’s entire network over the past quarter century to partner with us. - We are not only making the dopest digital and physical creations. But we will also mentor and collaborate with YOU to create the next wave of street culture and beyond!

What are CR8Z?

Cr8z contain items to be worn by Sapienz. The CR8Z and Special CR8Z that were airdropped to holders already will be openable shortly after Sapienz launches!

What utility do SAPIENZ have?

- Early Access to Staple Drops - B.A.G. SAPIENZ Receive Free Items on Qualifying Staple Drops - Monthly Raffles for Staple Pigeon Gift Boxes - 3 winners per month - Select equipped “Gear” in the future will qualify you for workshops and C-Division courses.

What is a Token Bound Account and what does that have to do with Sapienz?

Token Bound Accounts (TBA) are smart contract wallet for your ERC 721 (NFT). Using deterministic account addresses every NFT will be tied to its own unique account. That means your NFT can receive any assets like ERC 20, 721, 1155, ETH, etc. within its TBA. In order to withdraw assets from your TBA you will need to deploy/activate the smart contract account. Deploying will require gas from the owner and is paid only once per NFT. Deploying your TBA also unlocks different contract functions that can be called directly via Etherscan or from

Every NFT on Ethereum mainnet will be linked to a TBA meaning every CryptoPunks, CryptoKitties, Bored Apes, Azuki, Doodles, Fidenza, Squiggles, etc. will have an account address that can receive assets. Now that NFTs can hold assets there are a few things you can do to ensure that the contents in its account are safely transferred upon a sale. One of these functions is locking/unlocking your TBA.

What is and how does Token Bound Locking/Unlocking Work?

Here’s a video of how to unlock your Token Bound Account:

By default all NFTs that have not deployed/activated their Token Bound Accounts will automatically be locked. There will be indicators within the NFT’s artwork on Opensea to show potential buyers the current state of the NFT they wish to purchase. If a TBA is deployed but left unlocked you will see a warning sign. The warning sign is meant to alert you of the unlocked state and is merely a reminder to be extra cautious when purchasing the NFT. The warning sign will go away if the owner of the NFT locks their TBA upon listing it for sale, which ensures the assets inside are transferred safely.

There are also other indicators on each of the assets within the TBA. These indicators will show you previous approvals made for each of the assets. It’s important to pay attention when making a purchase of an NFT that has significant assets within its TBA. Previous approvals could result in an attack that we call dormant approval attack where the original owner/seller of the NFT can later pull assets out of your TBA even if it’s in your custody. The indicator is merely a reminder and or warning sign but the full responsibility of the action is going to be on you as the buyer of an NFT that has a TBA. Tokenbound will try our best to add in preventative measures and we are actively working with marketplace teams to provide additional safety features.